Sangamitta Girls Home needs your help!

•January 31, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Part of the building to be demolished

Part of the building to be demolished

The Sangamitta home for destitute girls is currently faced with a dire problem of lack of spacious housing. The existing building, where the girl’s home is currently housed is not spacious enough to cater for the requirements of the inmates. The single story building consists of mainly a hall, kitchen and several small rooms and a sick room. The only large hall that is currently available is used as the dormitory, dining room, study room, conference hall and to house any other common requirements that may arise.

Therefore, it is clear that some improvements need to be made to the existing building by adding an upper floor, which could be utilised as the dormitory. Necessary plans have been made and it is estimated that the re-construction work would cost about eight million Sri Lankan rupees. Though the Sri Lankan society is very enthusiastic, we are not financially strong enough to fulfil that aspiration. Therefore, we submit this humble appeal to all benevolent minded donors to consider assisting us to the best of their ability in order to fulfil our desire to create a better home for our destitute girls.


Area reserved for the planned building